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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

personal canon (in which I have absolutely lost my german)

personal canon (in which I have absolutely lost my german)

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exc: oh dear!
If you didn't know, Nightcrawler sings in the shower. He knows all the words to If I were the only girl in the world... It reminds him of somebody he knew once. For a spontaneous person, Kurt tended to wait for somebody to ask the question.

He might be a demonic blue former trapeze artist, but he was polite. Whenever he mentioned the Yahrmarkt at all, it produced this uneasy silence and everybody would look... elsewhere. He'd thought it was an American thing, then that the professor's telepathic language lessons had missed some bits of the English language (and they did skip over some of the more useful phrases and anything beyond heavy petting).

So, the question never came and Nightcrawler just held his memory in his heart. It was why meeting Langhagen

[screw this, the writing brain is not doing all that well, I'm going to stick to the points here and leave narrative out of the picture]

Nightcrawler sings in the shower - nobody is terribly surprised. Spontaneous would be Kurt's middle one provided he had one...

(so, his pilot's lisence - one of the nice hidden extras from being a member of britain's greatest superhero team were proper flying lessons and a real qualification - gave his middle name as Gainsborough, there was a long story about televisions, bamfs and bogeys and this entire digression is completely irrelevent)

... he never liked to see somebody alone - lonely might be closer - and Kurt was always that warm hand on your shoulder, that comfort food and late night movie guy, the guy who nearly always looked on the bright side (or at least, he did in company, he'd been through a couple of rough patches that nearly nobody knew about - Logan, Kitty... beautiful alien women) so spontaneous and loving pretty much covered the blue haired and blond eyed boy frm the Circus.

Somehow nobody ever asked about what the Circus was like...

Somewhere between hippy commune, roma tribe and unconventional people who didn't fit quite right in the regular world. Some of them were obviously one thing or another; others had their life fall apart (like Sabu, amazing arialist, queer, and - well - somebody coverted his job a little too much) and decided they liked life on the road. Actually, they camped for a couple of months in the winter and had an understanding with the local priest.

It was the sort of understanding you get when you are a (adoptive) son of a witch, who could imagine all too easily exactly how attractive a demonic youngster would be to certain nameless formless monsters (and even more named monsters, like Belasco) and that instruction in the faith might straighten out the odds. That Kurt believed was a cute turn of events, nothing more. (A memory for another time - he was always shoo-ed out of the caravan when Stefan and Jimaine had their lessons from Mutti - a lot of a time, he just curled up on the roof near the tin chimney and listened to Margali drone away. Kurt knows more about magic than he ever lets on, this may be a good thing). It was only a short time after Kurt knew words like different and evil; and with his confirmation approaching the father (I forget his name, a man who perhaps loved too much) had picked out Theresa as the closest thing he had to a good Catholic godparent.

Nobody knows how T always managed to luxuriate below scented foam even in a tin bath. It covered everything, which is just as well. Bathroom was a distinctly wobbly concept around the Circus (like I said, hippies and more unconventional people) so it was just a corner of a field with some trees to keep the wind off. Father was incredibly awkward talking to a pair of endless legs... the foam was a good thing or he would have found more to worry about. He never realised that T was a drag artist (or so she claimed - legitimacy in entertainment and all that) and Kurt and T kept it that way.

[okay, tailing out there. Not a good time for actual writeriness as I am awkward, blank and numb right now. Just getting the stuff down in case I ever need it. Since reading Joss' run on Astonishing X-Men, I keep on getting Hank at science conventions with a French lady saying "oh, Henry!" and Beast pointing out that "Oh, Henry!" was a chocolate brand back in the mists of time. Also, since Kitty goes all intangiable and unreachable and how much air is there in the nose of a giant bullet anyway? I have spent the day thinking about Nightcralwer/Pete Wisdom.

And don't tell me you can't see it. *smirks* "You're thinking about doing horrible things to me..." Nightcrawler smirked "Oh, I am so fucked." [cue witty rejoinder]

Spelling and actual witty answers are decidely optional today. In that Microsoft sense where all the options are greyed out and you have to go with pre-set.
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