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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

brane: the huge extended metaphor with added sea cucumber

brane: the huge extended metaphor with added sea cucumber

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hugh huh (twitch)
Hello. Today the brane is showing me what I was missing. A bunch of days that didn't rate over four require that I spend today feeling cracky, weird and floating. Diet Coke and asprin have knocked out some of the pain, but it's a bit like being underwater. There's this huge pressure. The colours are different and the sea slugs^ really fascinating, but it's all something of a squeeze. And, besides that, the reason I don't scuba is that I can't clear my [expletive] ears. The brane doesn't feel like that - it's lounging around watching Deeeeeeeeeeeeeep Wreck Diving while I try and figure out what is so fascinating and shiny about the child-proof cap on the asprin bottle. Hey, I can still type! Shiny!

^Other people have pictures of their family going up the stairs, or some tasteful post-ironic (hopefully) ducks or Guiness toucans; we have sea slugs. Bbd owns an underwater camera. Sea slugs rock. In an ideal world, my ears would work properly and I'd have been buddying with him for the past ten years. Ten years. That makes me feel old.
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