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Great Questions

Is Spiderman a Parkour runner?

Last night, the brane tried for some MAD, sadly not the Alfred E Newman kind, and I had an even greater great idea that I couldn't sleep for thinking. Can I remember what it was? No, nothing beyond that it might be comic related.

Today, the brane is hungover. It hasn't been up to much. This may be good.

Otherwise, the only excitement is experimental cross-stitch griding* and forgetting to press the go button on various household appliences.

*which makes sense only to a handful of readers. Somebody is selling monofilament at huge mark up to stitchers for griding. I have more and cheaper and want to see if it works. It isn't easy, it tries to twist on itself and with a needle it can distort the fabric disturbingly. I am developing a Technique and will report back once I've tested it fully.
Tags: appliance of science, brane, cross stitch

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