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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Hello, my little sugar plumbers!

Hello, my little sugar plumbers!

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hcl: billy reads
Firstly, thank you for the birthday wishes. This week has been cheerful and nifty. I also managed to win fifteen squid on the lottery, so maybe I am on a roll? I have a lousy sense of balance.

Things went a little wonky and the brane did indeed get to do some hating. It also seems to be stopping the words in my head before they get to my mouth/keyboard/other.

I know there are all sorts of shiny things going on here on lj and I desperately want to join the party and catch up some more. [has somebody discovered the new Hugh album or split the atom or something?]

I am going off grid for a week or so because of RL stuff and attention needing to be paid.

Good night children everywhere. *waves*
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