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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Real Life | Addictive Books | Beta?

Real Life | Addictive Books | Beta?

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hugh house
Returned to "work" today, which was good and amusing. B liked his new evil-discouraging eye, which is hanging at reception to keep the [entirely predictable and detested public body] away. Also took in flint from garden which made B light up. I do, however, think his trousers should have spontaneously combusted while he was talking to [prospective client] on the phone.

I picked up the 2nd "true blood" book which is proving deeply addictive.

Does somebody want to "once over" the HCL ficlet from last night and tell me if it makes sense? It's one page in A4 and weird. Inspired by my attempts to produce a "noir" Hugh and the title is "Sick Transit Gloria Monday". Yeah. I started with the title and went from there. Proof to self that I can write short and get my spontinaity back.
  • I Yam De Debbil! I will feed your plot bunnies!

    EASTWICK is a television series based on John Updike's Witches of Eastwick featuring Paul Gross as the Devil incarnate. You know this already.

    Gloria Monday was the name of the character Goldie Hawn played in the movie FOUL PLAY. She was a San Francisco librarian who is drawn into an attempt to kill the Pope at a performance of The Mikado in a series of incidents that were based on the works of Alfred Hitchcock. Her Irish (thick American Irish brogue) landlord who was a boa constrictor owning former black-belt and was played by Burgess Meredith.

    That aughtta give em something to nibble on.

    I am missing you most bee-ishly.


    PS: I am writing Lovecraftian hippie smut this Nano period. It has been decided.

    Edited at 2009-09-22 08:32 pm (UTC)
    • Re: I Yam De Debbil! I will feed your plot bunnies!

      Joe! *squishes muchly* My arms are a little short today.

      Trying to explain Eastwick to mum, she thinks Paul is a weird choice.

      Things to nibble are always good. *nibbles* The office got another box of chockie biscuits [a certain lady buys them and B grumbles about it], so I ate all the dark chocolate ones. B decided to eat the ones with the least dubious ingredients and picked the chocolate chip cookie. This is deeply amusing.

      Lovecraftian hippie smut sounds enticing. Any chance of tentacles?
      • Re: I Yam De Debbil! I will feed your plot bunnies!

        There's a strong chance of tentacles showing up at one point.

        I'm trying not to overthink thi sone too much but teh source materials for the gumbo this time around are pretty nutty.

        I'm thinking of Disney's SLEEPING BEAUTY meets Terry Sothern's CANDY with Lovecraft's DREAM QUEST OF UNKNOWN KADATH tossed in. I want to make the dirtiest Disney horror feature ever in literary form. Not just sexy. DIRTY.

        So yeah - work's cut out for me.
    • Re: I Yam De Debbil! I will feed your plot bunnies!

      Overthinking is why I am still working on the same novel as the last two nanos (I am not officially nano-ing but brane and low energy levels have slowed up progess to the point of feeble inertia) and then there is the weird medium-sized hard core logo thing. The latter is "about" child psychologists, decription theory and black magic, and fundamental decency under Joe's druggy exterior. The former is the music business AU thing, which is even harder to desciribe the "about". I don't like "about" as a book description tool at all. It doesn't work well with my writing and love of crazy global themes, wild metaphors and pathetic fallacy. And much subtext that isn't a shorthand for slash.

      STGM is a return to pick a title and go improv on it.

      I'm liking the dirty / rotten below the smooth surface / pretty exterior thing at the moment. Chuck Pallahnuik distracted me a bit (before I got my vampire romance novel, I was re-reading invisible monsters, which is one of his better specimens, the problem being that every Chuck book sounds like every other Chuck book especially if you read a couple concurrently, it's fun but at times it really gets to you, and Rant was strangely half-finished with a sharp and confusing left turn. And I write rambly comments about it) yeah, the child psychologist thing is having a whale of a time with that sort of thing and the way people hopefully un-notice things that really should be ringing all the bells and making the klaxons klacsonic. *nods*
    • Re: I Yam De Debbil! I will feed your plot bunnies!

      Also caught a documentary/essay/roundtable thing about women, gender and sexuality in comics on Sky Arts and it was very interesting actually and just great for playing spot the comics people. It mad me think of you and your love for cool stuff and your knowledge and just damn you. Uh, the last sentence is a litttle mangalled (and my typing is progressively shot, up past my bedtime for the first time in ages) I mean your sheer magnetic presense.
  • Do you still need someone to take a gander @ the HCL thing? I can.
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