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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?



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hugh 4
We upped the meds on Wednesday, so back to really fun side effects land.

My eyes feel like they are on fire and the brane is kicking off in my right hemisphere.

So, I really should stop looking at all the cool and nifty people on f-list and go and vegetate away from screens and plumbing fun. Ouch. Oh, and Flashpoint folks film behind papajoemambo's building. Joe, suffice to say, is as nifty and cool as ever. And can always get my attention.
  • Hmm, what to say...
    I used to never experience headaches - until I turned 25. By now I know how awful it is. (no, none at the moment)
    More hugs.
    Today, we're sitting in a soup of fog, therefore I can't send sun, but perhaps you don't want any anyway? ;)
    Do you know the 'Big Bang Theory'? A hilarious way to distract oneself :)
  • Hey, are you okay - I am worried since you usually are not that long offline...
    Sunny greetings from Zürich
    • Don't Worry !!!!!

      Hi. I'm still here. Just got seriously whomped with the headache. It doesn't seem to be enjoying the new pills. It's been getting a little better and hopefully it will start leveling out again (until I add some more pills) *much rolling of eyes*

      Dusty greetings from Dover. I feel like a contestant on "how clean is your [historical monument]?" the dust at work is incredible. Ugh. It's kind of like blowing your nose after spending the day on the underground. With is a totally icky image in poor taste. Which, not with!
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