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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

The brane adores the extra stepped-up meds so much, it threw a five…

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hcl: billy bent mirror
The brane adores the extra stepped-up meds so much, it threw a five day party.

Still feeling a little ropey here and hoping that it levels out fast and I get back to less evil brane activities. And say, do all this writing I am just burning to do.

Absence may well make the heart go fonder, but I'd even try to forensicly examine Poet to see what the hell I was writing. I just keep telling myself I am too disjointed for words and the fact that I am really really scared that I will just fuck it up and write broken incomprehensible line of consciousness all over teh good parts. Also, a) losing words and b) creative spelling can gang up on me, until I don't know what word I can't spell.

I know I have stuff to catch up on, just need to stop sleeping first. Sleep also adores stepped-up meds and is holding a love-in John and Yoko style.

Spent the "work" bits of yesterday cleaning up before the trustees came to visit and drink dubious tea out of far more dubious mugs. I feel like a contestant on "how clean is your [historic monument]" Ugh. Dustpan-and-brushing stairs. Worse blowing nose after dust-removal and getting black snot. Ugh Ugh. Now that was viciously TMI and rather like first day back at Uni in London. Dosk is - of course - back to uni shortly. I am here and dusting.

Oh, and I might just have bought "Works well with others" via maplemusic because the first 150 get theirs signed. Branehate and that weird fugu* high state you get to with branehate, caffeine and reality altering job application forms. Good for me (for a time)** and the "friends of mine" video makes me want to give Hugh a big hug or maybe just play with the little scar on the back of his head. And stop the camera spining so much.

Interesting Hugh thought: the black suit, the novelty belt buckle; has anyone considered that Hugh fits Seely Booth's booths boots. Honestly, after you've given half the lead amnesia, you know it makes sense. As much as Bones ever makes sense***

You know it was suckacious, when I didn't stitch for over three days and just headached at people.

According to PTerry a nuragler is "a demon that has a headache at you".

*not the Japanese fish dish
**if I want to quote Hugh music, I can quote Hugh music all day or until you go away
***not a lot. New series yet to start, previous series finale was not only bad fangirl AU (how can somebody with the no social skills or pop culture knowledge run a hippy edgy bar) and the more fundemental problem of being narrated from Hodgin's point of view only for it to really turn out that [other lead] was writing it. I'm not sure whether that should have a question mark, it is that mixed up.
  • I did not know that, about Maple Music! Thank you for the heads-up!!
    • Cool. Glad you can get something out of my - uh - more medicated entries.

      Now for some buzzy!babble.

      I was just looking very closely over at the website and it's a CDGB belt buckle. He just gets more adorable every time. And, I don't know, maybe he could be a mysteriously cool FBI agent with a dead body he needs checking out courtesy of the Bones team. And there is manly sulking and psyching each other out before they snap out of it and just go and play ice hockey. Because they can.
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