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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

I thought yesterday sucked suckaciously. Then today happened. I…

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exc: oh rats!
I thought yesterday sucked suckaciously.

Then today happened. I woke up with a headache, wandered downstairs, taken my pills and gone back to bed. Which is a pretty good coping strategy, that even works sometimes. Only. But. I took my bed-time dose of meds instead of the morning dose. *Headdesk* Cue drowsy drowsy buzzy. I can confirm that the new pills give me the munchies, which is fine at dark o'clock in bed. No eating, just get on with some sleeping, which I am really good at, as many folks will attest. Only today, it's like sharing my head with a very hungry frenzied four year old. Buzzy eats biscuits with a glass of milk. Munchies starts pointing out there are more biscuits and more milk... and I tell it where to get off (now more interesting since the bus company rerouted the area without actually telling anyone that my bus stop no longer stops any buses) and then bbd buys custard donuts.

Custard donut flavour buzzy. (Okay, two donuts, but wishing I had eaten the rest and all the pie for dinner and...) I am apparently mooshy enough that dosk made lunch. Also, river ran uphill and the sun came out at night.

Send chocolate. Send zombies. Send chocolate zombies.
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