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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Some Poet Plot Points

Some Poet Plot Points

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vecchio: study hard
Firstly, is Vecchio the kind of guy to tear a page out of a book if it really means something?

Stella and Lucifer. (that's her astronomy nut dad) I already have a caption, methinks.

Yes. But what else does he have to say? And for that matter, what does PJ have to say about Stella's "fancy man"?

[that last sentence might be the most identifying thing I've written]

Also, in canon Ray never forgets a nose, how does this apply to mafia!flowers and Stella's apartment?


I'm still in here somewhere. Things have been very up and down lately. Now, to gingerbread or to dare open up my folder of writery stuff? - buzzy
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