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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

there's something I left out of the story, all the things we didn't like, it's to do with what...

there's something I left out of the story, all the things we didn't like, it's to do with what...

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hugh huh (twitch)
Okay, the reason I wanted to post, is to just show how stroke-able this is. And for the cross-stitch immune*, I have my copy of Works Well With Others** and it was signed by Hugh! Eleventy! Parents looking shifty as I try to explain the Hugh to them. Bbd just accepts it, I think mummyfrog wonders why I don't turn out vaugely normal.

*it's a virus, think Pontypool with thread. Exhibit A: going to the needlecraft show at Ally Pally with EQ and getting £40 of shiny stuff in small packets. The miniature sampler was worryingly addictive, I just need to think of my eyesight before I contemplate another. All the stitchy people were very nice when confronted by one of the shyest motormouths on the planet, especially Jane Greenhoff on whom I got rather weird. Sorry. I finished the sampler, though. It is groovy-cakes. Otherwise, Maia geisha is under the armchair (backstitch is evil and hard, and I like backstitch) and still griding some more for the Ink Circles project. The last bit is taking forever and I am getting a little obsessed with accuracy and clarity and other things ending -y.

**it belongs in a dry cool place, like your closet. I'm english and have a wardrobe, but you guys are okay with that, right? Unhealthy attraction to clothes hanging space (somewhere, with all the stitchy stuff, the handbags and a couple of hundred textbooks with a surprising resemblence to comics/floppies.

ETA: saw Sky Captain. Only thing worth mentioning (beyond over-moody lighting) is that Dex needs love. I'd slash him with SC if it weren't for the fact that the man's an arse and one "good boy, Dexter!" does not make some NC17 Slash with ray-gun-gothic technology *nods*

ETA2: the_dosk (whose Uni is finally feeding him properly) taught be the ray-gun-gothic thing. I just went with kinda MASH-y (in the sense of the original book and all those sections about open heart surgery and the cardia nostra) crossed with SGA - it never got beyond the hyperthetical, but we'd've split it writing/science and we wanted Alan Turing in it (him for computational reasons, me for slashy happy ending reasons. I just think a happy ending somewhere (even if ficticious) is better than no happy ending.
  • whoa! There's a box you can keep your embroidery floss in? I've been organizing mine in little plastic bags. very un-chic of me i know...but the box is boss!!!
    • The better part of mine is kept on bobbins in one of those segmented boxes electricians use (with dinky compartments for components). I run a datbase in Access to log what I've got.

      This suggests rather more organisation than I actually have. The database is backlogged, there's a bag of thirty or so DMC hanging around. I'm not sure what to do with the vintage stuff (charity stores and a really sweet old guy I know, who used to embroider his future wife skirts while they were courting) so that is in divers locations.

      I tend to pick up interesting thread on holiday (pearl cotton on Majorca and shed-loads of metalics in Turkey) and the "speciality" (or so the magazines call it) is divided across a lot of boxes according to what fits.

      I have little plastic bags too - I use them for embroidery beads at the moment, but I have plans to canabalise my (finished) kits and store all the pre-cut 30cm lengths in baggies in a (cheap) wooden box. That used to be the home of all my thread until it demanded somewhere less bijou.

      Lesson? I can talk endlessly about embroidery projects and my stash. I was watching Miami Ink earlier today and a girl came in for an angel on her back and I was "omg! That's a lavender and lace angel design!" my parents were unsurprised.

      I'm a thread geek and I like company! *silly grin*
      • You would die if you saw my unorganized piles of embroidery thread. It is a mess and I'm starting to get that organization bug. Your post reminded me I've got to keep this stuff neater. With all my cumulative injuries I've been getting, I've taken up felting and RE-taken up embroidered beading to pass the time.
        • I so would not die. You have never seen my bedroom. I live in a state of perpetual mess and am stubborn about it. I can nearly always find what I want ...

          (beyond my Oyster card, uh Tube pre-payment card and essential unless you want to pay twice the price like a tourist. I miss getting everywhere on 60p children's tickets (London resident kids are now free, thanks, Boris) and - hell - the guys in the ticket booths asked if I was sure I needed an adult ticket)

          I ended up googling needlefelting the other night and still struggle to get my head around it. In pretty much the same sense as pattern darning. "Uh... and that's it? Where did all the complicating go?" Pattern darning is not scary, Jane Greenoff told me so, it's running stitch making patterns. I still cannot believe this.

          *sends ice packs for your injuries* You're a really active kind of person, so that must suck royally. It sucked enough when I, inertia girl, went in hospital for a week and ended up climbing the walls and investigating the building in the evenings. They have one of the worst paintings I have ever seen in the lobby... it is cringe-making, especially as the rest of that entrance hall is wonderful gothic-revial meets arts-and-crafts and lovely.

          Mummyflow has pigsniffles (we think) and she's beginning to climb the walls too.

          Tangentally, I did a beaded gingerbread house ornament thing the other day and I really need to get my act together and post some pictures since I haven't since about Jan this year.
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