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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Website Rec: enjoy the pretty!

Website Rec: enjoy the pretty!

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hugh house
It's a weird world. Finding that cross-stitcher magazine has finally grasped the point of a website and that you actually need to offer content etc... they pointed me to a blog of awesome kitsune_noir, which is just full of gorgeous eyeporn. [some nice person syndicated it for lj, and I am subscriber number two*] Including some cross-stitch star maps (kind of okay, but...) and some really lovely art and just plain cool. My highlight is the illustrated "Lord of the Flies" commissioned by the Folio Society. It leaves me wondering whether to exploit my only FS member in my life and offer to buy it off her. She's such a nice person, she'd near inevitably gift it; and that makes things just horribly exploitive and - well - just using [which is wrong and detestable, at least when it comes to me]. Otherwise, I could just rave about ninety per c of the posts there - iron man covers, concept cars, marvellous artwork and sheer strange beautiful things. Also, the "why you ruined my day" form/conpensation clain rocks.

Also, the_dosk might like this some, pretty and aesthetic. I can't contemplate that regular folks might not feel the mental clickage and wonderful support I get with my brother. And so I ♥ my brother.

And now I'm at minus eleventy recent posts. Cheered up majorly after brane-angst. Brane-agnst does not deserve a journal entry, this does.

*niftily, this should qualify me to run a small internment camp alternate community and experiment in mutality in north wales. I couldn't just let that one go, could I?
  • Pretty site you've pimped here - thanks,

    Subscriber #3 :)
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