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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Brane Doctor - The Big Brane Update!

Brane Doctor - The Big Brane Update!

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dief: Dief cry
As Buzzy is very afraid of angry head consultant lady, she was relieved when she got one of her minions today instead. For starters, she can't tear me one about the huge gaps in October's headache diary (which I just couldn't face) and he liked my list of every med ever (almost) a nearly inaccurate list of pharmacuticles etc.

The infusion egort treatment (otherwise known as lock buzzy in hospital and put her on drips every eight hours) was agreed to be effective. Yay! But they won't give me any more yet because they want to see what the headache does next and it's not a cure-type treatment just putting the brane in stasis, ditto the possibilty of injecting different bits of my head with lindocaine. Surface nerves, nothing drastic.

Nothing drastic. I've been doing this too long.

So, continue on the dozy pills and step up to top dose then maintain for two months and we'll see if the headaches continue to get worse.

This means proving that my last good patch was ergot-induced. Then waiting around to detox from the dozy pills very slowly. And then... maybe try some more pills that might work (and have a slightly better chance of working because if the ergot worked then proglabin might).

Oh, and I am depressed and need to see a psychologist because lots of "what is the point?" thoughts need to be captured and stored in bottles. Along with biting my wrist moments. That was last night and not at all normal, I just stick to depressedly guilt-triping myself about my depressing depression. If you follow that, you're doing better than me.

Worst bit - somewhere between the consultant and the booking system, a "see us in 4-6 months" turns into an 8 month appointment. If the seriously slow outlook of headache doctoring - slowly increase to suggested dosage and maintain for 2 months... - isn't depressing and unhappy-making enough; appointments live in a weird temporal bubble and I can't remember how long the big gap was right now, but it was worse. I just need to hope nobody else has their head fall off, or the consultant break his ankle, and I get put back to the back of the queue.

Best bit - China House is still the best Chinese restaurant in London and stil does two course lunches with all the tea you can drink for £4.10. miagara says it's best outside China - as I have never been in China, I can't tell you that. One of my favourite studently places - plates of duck noodles and tea make reading lists more digestable.

Since the travel refund lady at Brane Hospital still knows us on sight, bbd (big bad daddy) and I might just be the most memorable double act since... a long time. Don't make me sing "Bring me sunshine," kids.
  • Oh, buzzy. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this. Stay strong. *hugs*
  • I'm sorry the medical types aren't more helpful. I'd be depressed, too. I do hope you get some relief soon.

    Frankly, I think you function well considering how much chronic pain you have.
    • I'm hoping that mass hope will scare my headache away.

      I needed objectivity here - it's too easy to blame me rather than the condition. Also, it's hard to take something like headaches seriously as a condition (even when I'm the person with them) as other chronic conditions with the pain thing. They just seem so small and ordinary sometimes.
      • There's nothing small or ordinary about disabling, chronic headaches. My mother used to get migraines that would put her to bed for days. I've been lucky in that I haven't had those, but I know that even with a little headache, I can hardly function. So, I admire someone who can carry on and get anything done when there's obviously so much pain involved.
  • They really think the ergot works? That's kind of cool. The detox sucks, though :(
    • Yeah, but no witches.

      It really really sucks. I think I'm going to be old before they finally find the right pills - I commented to bbd and he was likewise unamused (agh! I'll be sixty!)
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