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Today I'm feeling more than marginally alive. Go me.

I fell to bits after CftI; it was incredibly boring and I got to read two Stormwatch trades in with the indeterminable number of Buffy trade paper backs (tpb - how the hell do you pluralise it?). Most interesting bit was looking at historical sewing tools with a nice lady who wanted an internet bunny to do the clickage. Quote "I saw that when it last went on sale - I was in the auction - it went for £35000". Everything was gorgeous. Can I remember the web address? No. I just wanted to fondle everything on the screen.

There's not much of anything else to say.

shadowkitty let me know that Mike Moorcock is going to write a Dr Who tie-in.

This is beyond amazing. I am a Mike Moorcock nut - which probably explains a lot. I should probably blast the neighbours with Sonic Attack to celebrate. It's one of my less articulate enthusiasms. The last one I read was "the Black Corridor" which was suitably mind games and ASCII art as performed on a typewriter with a lot of patience and hot sweet tea. Those who know, I am a big Jerry Cornelius fan and I'm yet to get a proper handle on Elric.
Tags: doctor who, moorcock, the wonderful world of volunteering

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