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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Managed to terrify self about the brane last night, forgetting words…

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fraser: confusion Of Mounties
Managed to terrify self about the brane last night, forgetting words (like "cup" and "Donna") and pouring bird seed down the sink, and ended up going all wibbly.

Waters of Mars wasn't bad. Although the bit with the Doctor in his space suit (uh, 5 managed to space walk with only a cricket ball and some celery) and those big ominous shadows in his helmet made me think of the episode with the really big library.

Uh, that's it. Still stitching.
  • 5 managed to space walk with only a cricket ball and some celery

    that sounds about right!

    poor brane. that must be kind of scary.
    • Four to Doomsday

      (one of the serial titles most unjustly accused of being baffling)

      Five Go to Smuggler's Rock

      Same thing - four folks in a TARDIS which has matyrialised outside the spaceship they are now in. Hence spacewalk.

      Brane is Terrifying sometimes. I blubbed over bbd a lot.
  • I found Water On Mars rather simple and, well, generally tripe. I thought the double revelation at the end was as subtle as a brick between the eyeballs. 'Yay! I'm the winner and what I say goes' to 'Oh noes, I'm a bad, bad Time Lord and must die' followed by 'Not yet? Oh well...' Teh suck. They should have left him in his rather unhinged winner state of mind and implied/foreshadowed the rest. Bah, RTD is teh suck.
    • I am not a fan of the "I'm mad, me!!! I do this because I am mad!!" scenery chewing excesses of Simm!Master, so more of the same is really annoying (even with a Scissor Sisters soundtrack) and a bit sloppy.

      RTD is not subtle, especially in "writing for the kids" mode. :-( It's annoying because he can make an effort every once in a while and that makes it extra annoying. Trying to cram everything in too fast didn't help, nor did the "I'm meant to leave, watch me find reasons to keep watching you poor doomed humans" help with a) pacing and b) sense of impending doom or lack thereof until 10 gets out in his space-suit.

      The space suit sequences were just very good (imho) with nice forshadowing and underplayed radio communications. It would have been better/more interesting to let them all die and then have the Doctor use his Time Machine to go pick them up after that -- causing paradox and breaking The Laws of Time much more spectacularly.

      Especially if Noble Leader refused to get into the TARDIS then and there. And the Doctor believe he has the authority to overrule her personal choices. That said, the" close door and bang" approach wasn't all that bad, just belonged somewhere else (like Mars) unless space exploration events still changed, just differently. Granddaughter still flying faster than light, but then screwing up... messing up a judgement call... setting things back awhile.

      Seesh. Does this comment ever stop?

      [my secret past as a Who geek revealed to all! *dum dum da*]
      • LOL! I actually like mad Simm master but apart from that, I agree with you. But I have to add that although 'the close the door bang' approach was effective, it didn't ring true for that character.
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