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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

POET photoshoppery

POET photoshoppery

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hugh house
Point the first: janne_d rocks

Because: she is the awesome beta of photoshoppery

And so: I've done my best to get rid of the dark and gloomy this time

Still: a work in progress

Thinking: not sure the original callum plan is pull-able even with endcredits lovely Callum/shirt picspam. She says it's Twitch City spam, but we all know it is about the shirts!

Maybe: I should break out Callum the shirt again.

On the inside MK 2

  • Oooh! Ooh, now. That is awesome - semi-naked guy now definitely visible and very nicely too. It is now cool and also hot at the same time! I like how the colours of tke sky continue across the torso - it's almost like they are paralleling his ribs.

    she is the awesome beta of photoshoppery

    Y'know, I'm not sure I should get that much credit just for saying it might be a bit dark! But thank you :-)

    • You are awesome times eleventy! No arguing!

      It looks so much better and I go all tunnel vision doing photoshop pretty and miss things like visibility. I might make a Stella tomorrow (if I am not doing another thousand things).
  • Oh WOW!!!

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