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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

The brane continues to hate. Xmas shopping (again). In a bookshop…

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hugh house
The brane continues to hate. Xmas shopping (again).

In a bookshop with the_dosk, I found a book from work.

And seriously?

If you can't look at this and smile, I'm pretty worried about you.

Seriously lightens even the deepest despond.

Totally the happiest wolf ever. All those happy pointy teeth.
  • That is one big she-wolf. The twins underneath look like large ticks in comparison. LOL!

    Happy happy wishes for the buzzy brane! soothe.
    • I think that's part of the charm. I teach schoolkids about mosaics and I would love a really big picture of that one! *giggle* They are totally in to it.

      Brane feeling a little better
  • True!
    Back from the half-dead. Again. How have you been?
    Is there something you would like for Christmas? ;)
    Best from Zurich,

    • Hello! *attack hug*
      Have your particles been accelarated lately?
      (If that makes no sense, sorry)
      I really need to write my Christmas cards.
      Love and more love buzzy.
  • heeeee. awesome mosaic!

    *pets your brain carefully* hope shopping went the good. (i hate doing it. hate!)
    • Shopping sucked. The brother was in "I'm not letting you go anywhere without me, or you're going to do something stupid/dangerous/drugged-out" mode, so clearly I was spectacular and my witty banter was not witty banter (even if I think it was) and he still thinks my present for bbd sucks.
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