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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

* it's that time of year again, merry christmas f-list! * the xmas…

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fraser: lost boy
* it's that time of year again, merry christmas f-list!

* the xmas present of mystery (xpom) got finished finished at 1600 yesterday

* the xpom is a slightly ostentatious and complicated biscornu with a frog on it

* I am under orders from EQ to photograph and post the xpom

* branehate ensued in post-xpom lull

* triptans - why don't I take more besides the horrible burning head effect - give me gloriously cracky dreams Ray Kowalski/Matt Murdock ninja fighting hotness!

*how can the above be anything other than hot?

*six pairs of socks
  • Ray Kowalski/Matt Murdock ninja fighting hotness!

    Best Christmas present ever.
    • My name is Ray Kowalski, I'm not sure when my life turned into an episode of the Fugitive but I sure as hell want to know how.

      (writer thinking a bit of a mess, wish I'd made notes from my dream - they disappate very fast annoyingly)

      ETA: look down the thread

      Edited at 2009-12-30 10:25 pm (UTC)
  • My name is Ray Kowalski and somewhere between the llama-smuggling ring and the


    He is lithe and the wind bends around him, skimming like pebbles into the sea, the only resistance is hair, which he claims is experimental. My dad would say it's a bad haircut and study so you never need a bad haircut. My sensei would tell me to be the haircut - or was that my best friend, Froggy Nelson? I can almost imagine him - in glorious technicolor - and that amazes and disturbs me. I am blind. My vision is something else entirely. I learnt that - to live in a completely different space - my eyes are a burnt out house and with that every window and door is gone, smashed, or locked without my reach.
  • I am a leaf in the wind, watch me fall. /wild misappropiation

    I know he is there before he sees me, but there's the slightest of moments when I think he knows that a devil in a well-cut business suit is watching him and he decides to let me stew. Is this what it is like for Ben, for Foggy, for Karen? He's wearing glasses but they seem as much artifice as my own and I wonder what colour his lenses are and if they'd match my somewhat un-nerving red. I might be in a black suit, but the devil can never truly hide himself. There's some part of him too wary to hide away. A part of me unable to look away.

    My name is Matt Murdock and I know no peace.
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