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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Hard to think of a snappy title here

Hard to think of a snappy title here

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vecchio: hurty
As I had to be up early today, my writery/fannish brain chose to kick in at midnight. So here are some useful (and hopefully interesting) points and a question.

*who is the hot girl trucker in the directgov ads? And does anybody have her number?

*Jack Harkness and Tales of the City - you know it makes sense

*I have a really complicated metaphor involving rock (the traditional seaside treat - good for shattering american orthodontics) and Jack Harkness's relationship with the space time contiummum.

Even better, the brane behaved itself mostly through an assessment at the jobcentre regarding the brane. Best actionplan ever:

"Buzzy's plan is to get better"

Made of win. Utterly realistic and accepting that I just cannot future plan or take a regular job because the brane fucks everything up multiple days per week etc.

As was spending the next four hours hitting the charity shops and other choice emporia (typically Dover) and getting variously:

* A really pretty butterfly brooch (I have a bit of a collection - my grandma would buy me them in Poland and various other exotic holiday spots) which seems to be millefuray crossed with enambled. Spelling not working - sorry.

* Some nice cross-stitch fabric - 16ct and pink/lilac

* Another book with vampires in it

* An as new Clarks handbag in red/pink/brown for the princely sum of £3.

* A balenced lunch of tropical fruit juice and carrot cake.

After that lot, I have the blue screen of branehate and lurked outside mum's work before being carried away in bbd's silver machine (now much more functioning than before). At this moment in time, asprin is my friend, but I might get all up and personal with triptan in the near future. Repeat after me: owch! Neck also getting in on the action, also eyes burning, totally not fun and awesome.
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