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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

This morning got my bargain cross-stitch book in the post: "A Woman's…

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kowalski: pinboard
This morning got my bargain cross-stitch book in the post: "A Woman's World in cross-stitch" by Joan Elliot. Just the title would get me running a mile (yeeks!) so it's an odd choice. That said, coasters saying "I don't repeat gossip; listen the first time" are made of win and there is everything from cows on diets to mermaids.

Oh and one of the patterns is so very Turnbull's pink cowboy hat (canon!).

Less win was yesterday and trying to find suitably funeral clothing. Point one: buzzy doesn't fit into shoes not even mary-janes (sigh - I liked them - I should be less open regarding slight discomfort) and even better nothing black and trousery fits. Now have really horrible funeral trousers. Point two: heading to Matalan (groan - nothing fits me and it's 99% horrid if it does) and I felt something hit me on the head. I thought it was a golf-ball; it wasn't, gull shit to the head (ugh!).

Anybody got some warm fuzzies they can spare? Or really good fanfic recs? (I haven't read much for a while) Karma points go double for kinky and/or really amazing characterisation.
  • Alas, I have no recs of awesome, but I do have a hug (not a hugh, which is what I typed originally, and I'm sure you'd prefer much more, alas for me!): {{{{HUG}}}}

    I've been keeping up with your posts I just don't have anything to say about stitching or brane-hurt, so I'm pretty useless to you, but I want you to know I'm out here, hoping you feel better soon/some/at all.

    • Hugs or Hughs, they're both good. *hugs*

      I am warning you, I am a limpet.

      Also, from what I can gather you need more hugs too.

      Neither of them are amazingly interesting. The closest thing to writing has been re-reading my dramatis personae and hacking out the utterly incomprehensible material [there's a lot of it, have to say, I have no idea what I was thinking when I connected Wilson Welsh with levies], which is currently a bit like Lindsay Davis' books. Especially "Frankie Zuko: carrying on the Mob's fine traditions in florestry".

      One day, I will stitch a Hugh Dillon sampler. Another pie in the sky idea that has been knocking around for a while.
  • I admire the stitchery, I have not put needle to cloth in 20 years.

    I welcome the Amazing Mr. Limpet. *glomp*

  • Frank Zuko, carrying forward family traditions in floristry
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