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Fan Fiction Time!

Ok, it's fanfiction time! Yegads!

Muchos Thanks to Rivulet027 for the handy lj-cut tute. If I balls this up, it's my fault not hers.

So here it is. Massive spoiler for X-men: The End no. 6, but it left me feeling oh so sad


Warning: This is a huge spoiler for X:Men The End Series 1 Book Six.
Disclaimer: Not mine, Marvel’s. But I feel so sad now.
General Warning: Character Death, but the title pretty much said that, didn’t it? Perhaps Claremont will surprise us, but I rather doubt it.

And so he’d stayed. He surprised himself and stayed at the mansion. Raising the new generation of atom children, who would have thought it of him, the Northern Star?

He’d never found her, Aurora, his sweet sister, his other half. And so he’d done his best to make himself whole without her. He had claimed the power of the Northstar for himself. He had taken a new costume along with his new role. He had half considered asking la bete, McCoy, to make him an independent entity in his own right, just as that Walter had done to his sister.

But he had not. He had always hoped. Hope was Xavier’s gift to him, the eternal pessimist. Hope had become a light to him that glowed like the sun.

Hope was what had kept him here, even when his first reason to stay, Bobby Drake had flown the nest with that chaton, Monet St.Croix. That Monet, who was everything he was and more.

Yet still hope had glown brighter than the sun. Just as did the light coming from behind him. It was like a sun, consuming everything in its path in its almost eternal flame.

His almost last thought: together, together we could have stopped this…

His last thought: perhaps now he’d see her again. His sister who glowed more brightly than the sun.


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