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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

If you get past the depression, you might even get a blue peter badge...

If you get past the depression, you might even get a blue peter badge...

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hcl: billy reads
Took the brane to see the benefit doctor, waited patiently and got a nice retired doctor type who thankfully knows about headaches and their evil ways. Quoth he "you really are extremely depressed" (well, yes, that's why I gave up forward planning as nothing positive ever seems to happen) and "2010, this is the year you are going to get better!". Hopefully, this will work out and I get something towards the unholy mess that is branehate.

Could have done without the agressive lout in the waiting room -- bbd admired receptionist's patience as this did not lead to murder. There's a sense of entitlement and then there is the attitude of... hell? How do I say it? A belief that the world exists at his command and everything should naturally rotate around him. The office only deals in medicals and he was giving repeative and moronic insistence that they should turn his incapacity benefit back on and he was going to monster until it got done. Clearly, the Daily Mail would love him in many supremely unhealthy ways.

Talking about depression makes me depressed. I admitted to some things that bbd didn't know (but knows now, ulp!) about exactly how depressed I get and my forearm biting ways etc...

Caramel chocolate shortbread might not cure depression, but it comes close. More proof that bbd is made of win.

Today's hot and happy thought is Ray Kowalski walking in on Fraser/Billy Tallent (the one played by CKR not the band of the same name... though bandslash Fraser fucking might be quite tolerable) and - well - getting angry and [possibly more a little OOC] thentheyhavefuckingsex a lot of thentheyhavesexwithfraserinthemiddlesuuckingbillyoofwhilerayfuckshim. Please
  • "2010, this is the year you are going to get better!"

    Yes! I believe it! *hugs*
  • Awww, now you've got me wanting Billy/Fraser/RayK PWP. Or something. Nom?
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