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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

I might actually write something - woah!

I might actually write something - woah!

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hugh house
I might just have figured out what was wrong with "Armando is a nice catholic boy" in the first place. It seems simple now, wrong squeeze. Nifty though Ray K is, it just didn't work even given the FBI's inky fingers. Billy Tallent, however, would hang out at a sex party somewhere in the Arizona desert. And... everything else would come naturally.

The only problem is can I dare open up a thing I haven't worked on for two years, even if I hope it is as incredible as I left it? Disappointment scares me - okay - everything scares me, not the point. In my head, it is gorgeous. Hell, even the reference pictures (which stayed "up" in firefox until I switched computers) were really gorgeous and all I can see is Armando sitting on the lip of the car trunk trying to switch boots without aquiring any unpleasant extras...

It's mostly in that hyper-described style. Or was turning that way.

Hell, if I boot up the Creature from the Black Lagoon (the current buzzy!puter) would I have time to see "Sun Sea and AE"? Okay, that was a really dumb question even if I have a month of update wednesdays to apply and a sulky Anti-Virus "your definitions are old" message. Yes, that's why my life is flat and semi-functional and I shouldn't let the depresseds talk to the rest of the buzzy brane like that, especially since I'm feeling decent yet high and a five second lj post has turned into an entire blinking essay.
  • The only problem is can I dare open up a thing I haven't worked on for two years, even if I hope it is as incredible as I left it?

    *gasps* YES! Oh, yes yes yes! Dare! I will catch you! I will lick all your words!

    *frantic hand waving* All is well! All is good! Write, buzzy, write!
  • Writing to Scissor Sisters on repeat now. Uh, it's inspired by "I Can't Decide" (the Master's song and dance routine in the future that didn't happen).

    Just written:
    He opened the gift-shop carrier and the silk shirt, sibilant in the darkness, felt so good against his skin. Boxers were surplus to requirements, he teased on jeans distressed to perfection that clung to his bare ass. A sandwich box concealed a Dillinger nestled in an ankle holster. The Bookman would never do anything as gauche, but Armando had a well-developed sense of self preservation. The nuns always said Armand learnt his lessons well.

    • Yes, I think it is.

      I don't care where you drop me in a story, I love reading how you show the characters as they move, progress, and think. The last part of this is the best, overflowing with little bits of character insight spilling out everywhere.

      You know you make me happy, right? Because you do. ♥

      • It's worth missing sunburnt chavs with drink-related injuries try and follow the red line to x-ray. Silly girl.

        You're right on it - it's a character piece.

        I'm doing the rewrites I had planned just before I started Poet. Seriously, I can't remember half my degree, but I can remember doing some notes about where to start changing the choreography etc

        I had put it down to concentrate on the dsss entry. I just didn't know that it would expand like said sunburnt chavs' waistlines. Result: Poet

        p.s. cleaning bath, what do you use?
  • What do you clean your bath with?
    • Previously, my Husband, but now that we are in the midst of divorcement, I think probably vinegar and baking soda.

      • Ouch! What would somebody more chemically minded use? I'm looking for a suitably daft brand name.

        Uh, in the UK e.g -- Flash / Cif! /Cillit Bang Grime'n'Lime

        It's a weird question for a good cause (weird disturbing metaphor)

        That said, I think it is past my bedtime and Armando seems a little limp and ready for some introspection of the less flippant type.

        Title says it: Don't Want to be a Bad Guy

        Edited at 2010-02-11 11:04 pm (UTC)
    • Ahhh!!! Comet.

      It comes in a powder historically, most everyone knows that. Also got a cleaning spray nowadays, though
    • I didn't understand half of that above, but {{{hugs}}} anyway.

      Are you looking for the American, chemical-minded bathtub cleaner, for fic?

      Easy! Scrubbing Bubbles. I don't remember the actual brand name, but the character would call it Scrubbing Bubbles. Hope that's daft enough. :)

      Also, here we'd say "clean your bathtub." A "bath" is the actual water, or maybe the event. But the thing you put water into, that's a tub or bathtub.

      Hope that's helpful. Lovely to see you. Ducking back into the art cave now. :)
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