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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

More Armando/Billy thoughts

More Armando/Billy thoughts

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vecchio: study hard
Armando Langoustini, Billy Tallent, what do they have in common? The incredibly faux names hiding their vulnerabilities and presenting their stage/public personae. The thing I was writing last night, is all about what is going on outside the ant nest of Vegas. Revelations.

Mostly it is about Billy asking for his complimentary shrimp cocktail.

Just think about that - it's wonderfully pornalicious and beautifully vulnerable.

It also proves that I rather like listening to Metric (another weird Canadian music ensamble) and their entire song about Vegas, which I can't remember the title, but "the world where she was born is like the world where I was born, white settlers seeking gold and other treasures, she was uncomfortable in the clothes of her ancestors" ... but what is appropriate (as opposed to typing the entire lyrics) is:-
"They ate their complimentary shrimp cocktail and left"

Which brings me back to Armand and William Boisy out in the desert making promisses which aren't theirs to keep.

I think I might need an Armando icon, that's something to do when the brane restores normal service -- that might be abnormal service -- as I don't feel fabulous right now. Thhat said, I need to stop putting things aside and start *handwave*

bad brane, no biscuit.
  • The song title you want is "Rock Me Now".

    Metric is awesome and not at all weird, and Emily Haines is my music girlfriend, the end.

    • Thanksies!

      Bbd got upclose and personal with my music collection when I switched computers. It's pretty baffling taken as a whole - bands that begin with H, Queen [rather obligatory at my high school] and genuine weirdness. We're not a big music listening family, so my stuff outnumbers the rest of the family.
  • How can you hate your brain if it can produce stories like that?
    I hope that it's getting better today. I don't know the music, but the lyrics seem interesting!
    Besides, I have also seen your cross-stitch Rose Lady. Beautiful. The Background is wonderful!
    All the best from still-frozen and cloud-covered Switzerland
    • The brane does its damnest to get in the way of the writing process.

      We are still frozen and snow covered here. It's beginning to get to Mum a bit. She spent yesterday cleaning off the path so she could avoid wearing wellingtons to work.

      Best thing lately - tomorrow is my first day back at "work" after the winter break. I am looking forward to it, even if B will laud himself in his choice of winter migration destinations (and so avoiding all the bloody snow).

      I have a package I need to send you.
      • Frozen is ok with me, but I really mind the fog which covers us and only begins to lift now - just one hour before the sun is going to set again. However, I don't want to complain: Right at the moment, the sun finally managed to get through the clouds and shines on the jelly window painting Melissa has given to me. It's very cheer- and colourful.
        Wish you lots of fun tomorrow. If B gets on your nerves, ask him, whether he will soon shed feathers, too, if he's joining the migrating species :)
        Package? For me? Uiii.
        • Clearly is migrating, claims new destination is the north pole, which will be hard to dig because no land, just ice. Also claims to have found the holy grail. Is going to be gone for a month; which is annoying because I like having something to do even if involving 500 stamps and big boxes of envelopes

          jelly painting sounds nice, but it is better with ice cream on top or "dream topping" which is quite probably full of additives and other nasties but does the whole childhood retro thing

          mystery item in the post (hopefully)
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