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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Always Winter

Always Winter

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hugh house
Utilising an Pevensy bridge, activated by a small boy holding a toy wolf, the annexation of reality RCW 139 began on the 24th of December 1966.

Bob Fraser couldn't sleep. It was a complete and utter fabrication that such things come easily to the dead. There are too many ghosts.

The snow continued to fall. As it always did here. Some folks might call this affliction cabin fever. Bob always thought these people never got any closer to a cabin than night trains and cruise ships, gawping at the northern lights and then having their bread rolls and hot chocolate listening to a rather inferior singer

There was always too many ghosts here, only now Robert Fraser RCMP was here to join them. He called the cabin his office only to avoid calling it his home. There had been no home - no place to rest - since Muldoon had oppened a doorway to power beyond imagination. Imagination was also short on the ground in these parts, even with Bob's stedfast effort. The Gang of [number] were never really here; just snow and blood and a landscape frozen in time.

Imagination, however much Bob tried, was rather thin on the ground in these parts. Unlike mineral exploitation rights and border crossings.

Bob imagined himself a dog team - with Buck's bitch Ophelia and every dog he ever loved - and ran to the glass palace. He, as always, half-heartedly imagined Caroline riding with him. That day when he taught her how to drive, his arms wrapped tightly around her and the balance had been off with two people standing where one should be and they had collapsed in a drift some way out from Runmukluk.

He almost floated away into a dream, where he found Caroline again, lying in the snow and strangely radiant. Her warm and snow-pale flesh was his salvation as they huddled in a part-built igloo and the storm roared above them. He was lost, but had found her, beyond the boundaries of any map, beyond the four corners of the waking world.

And so, he walked with her into a world of wonder and imagination

[buzzy needs to stop wandering off to read f-list and consequently losing her momentum - see the last line above, it sounds like a by-line for some ghastly edutainment show *cringe*]

[buzzy also has RL things to deal with for the moment, ttfn]
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