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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

My brain is running at 120 mph in a 30 zone - post with everything on it

My brain is running at 120 mph in a 30 zone - post with everything on it

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hugh house
Okay, so for the first time in ages, I'm going through one of those phases when I can do everything, winnity and there are just all these wounderful ideas that keep turning up

*autopsy people do conventions, what about some unintential room-mate fun with Mort (due South) and Ducky (NCIS) - they both like talking to corpses and opera and... being freakily cool

The down point is I know I'm gonna crash bad and I'm so afraid of crashing that I am going down really fast and the brane is making me want to cry and there's all this cool great stuff and I can't stop moving and have learnt that you cannot headbang to mental music without a bra (I'm on a headstones jag, because of sionnain's great Hugh interview quote post thing) and it's whatyougonnado/sos. Talking of other reasons to win with soinnain (whose name I'm hopefully spelling right) is her "stop, drop, porn" entry with Ray Kowalski (CKR in due south) and Mike (Hugh in Durham County, which I need to watch more of) going from wall-slamming and throttling to.. not really bunnies and kittens so much as warm woollen mittens. And I think this is a great reason to have a fence!chaining revival and attach Callum to lots of chain link fences or anything else really and hell, yeah.

And the brane is hanging around behind my left ear and talking to the depreszsed and the scary bits and pushing really hard and I shouldn't have started worrying about the buzz because it's npw being pushed out of my head when really I want to re-read sionnain in the comfort of my room and talk chain link fences and maybe a little fun with rodeo

and my life, still ahead, pity me -- Queen '39
what is the preceise nature of the catastrophe - Moorcock, Black Corridor

(spent some time yesterday trying to articulate the joy of Moorcock to lady in charity shop and the black corridor is so not her kind of thing)
(everyone should read the black corridor)

ETA: not the terrorist kind, or the time of arrival, the more stuff type of ETA:

Baby, I'm your Man by sionnain Kowalski/Mike Sweeney
Mature Adults Please (because they are in short supply rather like air)
Also, title not a leonard cohen reference, blue oyster cult
  • <3 aww thank you for the mention, bb :D!

    (I love Leonard, but yes, this was definitely a BOC reference. :D)
    • don't mention it, expect lots of badly spellt comments in the near future

      (leonard cohen = love)

      (I mght get round to listening to the BOC eventually)

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