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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Cross Stitch: Rose Lady finished.

Cross Stitch: Rose Lady finished.

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fraser: I want to break free
Okay, I've not been very online lately, with variously branehate, contemplation and real life acts of devotion (don't ask, I can't tell)

Anyways, here is the Rose Lady finished up for your delight and delication. Pattern by Joan Elliot, great fun to stitch, switched out horrible kit fabric for something nicer (and only marginally larger than the design) and beaded according to my taste. (bead phobics - I've probably doubled the bead quotient substituting some stitches, it would be entirely possible to do the opposite and pick out some nice shiny floss)

The sweetheart tree biscournu has gone out of square *cries* linen is not my friend.

rose lady finish

  • Oh I love this so very much! It is beautiful! Thanks for sharing, it made my day!

  • this is beautiful- I love the beadwork- it's something I wouldn't have thought of adding, but it really adds a lot to the work. Gorgeous.
    • I am a crazed beading dynamo! Seriously. I really like beading.

      Comparatively, this is beading lite
  • I'm loving your stitch work!
  • Aw, how very pretty! (Hi buzzy!) Why is this entry tagged 'turnbull'?
    • hey joan! *glomps*

      i was not paying due care and attention when I was tagging

      (read autotaging)

      so I meant to use my "turnbull does cross-stitch" tag

      because he does

      (except when he is a talented songwriter from Tuk)

      (he's more in the fucking in hotel rooms type of hobbyist)
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