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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Went to Ashford Outlet place and got 2 x new shoes. Shiny sparkly…

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hugh house
Went to Ashford Outlet place and got 2 x new shoes. Shiny sparkly purple lace ups and marginally more sensible brown suede with red trim. Amused muchly that Ecco offered a 50% discount on non-sale "fringe sizes". This might be my new favourite phrase "fringe sizes" finally! Uh, that's a UK 3/ EU 36. I love my Ecco as they are one of the few that actually fit me consistantly.

Other than that - shopping (and late meds) have fried the buzzy!brane.

Also, buzzy is weirded out and flattered that she is in travels_in_time's due South fic finding poem skilfully constructed from real live ds_ficfinder posts! Thanks to luzula for the heads up on that one. I really should offer something to the first person to pick out my two lines and the fic they refer to. Hmmmm... [this bears thinking about]... unspecified shiny

[specification waits on my brane stopping bleeding through my eyes]

otherwise, a glorious and genuine No Prize (accept no imitations)
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