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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

March the Eleventh! Baa Baa

March the Eleventh! Baa Baa

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ray-ray: stuck in the middle with you
They have called this day the Eleventh of March! And whomsoever of you gets through this day, unless you are shot in the head or somehow slain, you will stand at tiptoe when e'er you hear the name again, and you will get excited at the name March the Eleventh!

We happy few, we few, we band of brothers. Our names will be as like household names. And those who are not here, be they sleeping or doing something else, they will feel themselves... sort of crappy. Because they are not here to... to join the fight, on this day, the Eleventh of March!

Explaining March 11th to family doesn't quite work until bbd figured out the shakespear quotient.
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