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Let's just say that the last couple days have not been fluffy. The brane hates.

Uh, I might just be writing a little:-

The red dust turned the setting sun an oxidised red like old blood and betrayals. A coyote howled out his dusk song, wild and uncomplicated, and Armando shivered for a moment. His hand slipped from the trunk and he walked out into the night with stars to guide him. Armando knew where he was going, maps are measurements and measurements are numbers; Armando thought in numbers. Ashes caught in wind – almost as suffocating as the dusty secrets – in the swimming pool behind an abandoned brothel as it dropped into the gas-sodden pyre.

Am I missing any entertainments out there in the unreal world of livejournal?

Buzzy might go to London in the morning (stitch nerd activities) but bbd is genuinely worried that I won't cope or will fail at road crossing (uh, yes) etc

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