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I can't figure out how to write this entry.

Last weekend, I was pretty close to light and fluffy land and most things sounded on the up. Hell, I had managed to get up to a London stitching expo thing [the Olympia one, which sucks in comparison with the one at Alexandria Palace in terms of shopping opportunities and sheer lack of any expo content. I think I am past the rant stage on that] Also, did Computing for the Inept and one slight hint to the world at large; don't print out "how to grow your own pot" documents on a library computer because helpful buzzy will pick up and deliver to you.

Currently, I feel like my brane is bleeding out of my eyes. Ouch...

Throw in that the depresseds have taken this opportunity to do their thing... suck.

And nobody in this house is feeling particularly good. And I think all the buzzy headache updates are intruding and making bbd feel worse (he already has his own pains, and I just feel like I am adding to them inconsiderately) and there's only so much hugging and clinging before it gets on people's nerves, I think. I feel well and truly sunk.
Tags: brane, cross stitch, depressing depression

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