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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Agh! What the hell now, Billiam?

Agh! What the hell now, Billiam?

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plot carrot
This is the sound of buzzy writing c.500 words of disturbing hard core logo ghost story material and then going "uh... what now?"


I had a bit of direction and then I lost it and loath it.

Horrible cut material:

Any regular guy would be getting the cee bee gee bies – it’s funny (to Joe) more than Billy will ever admit – and would turn to jell-o as his back-combed scalp rocketed down his spine and leave a burning chill in its wake. That’s what regular does for you. You’re there, then you’re gone and all that’s left is the smell of bread burning under the grill. Ever since Billy’s been old enough to jerk off, it’s all Satanic rituals and cookie-cutter sandwiches.

Yeah, pretty horrible, gnome sane?!
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