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Long Disconnected Post - Brane, Shiny, Sims, Frogs and Billy Hollywood

Ugh. The brane hates. Sharp and spikey, for all you brane-spotters.

I got some stitchy goodness in town. Little brass seahorse charms and a 75p crewel kit of "cute racoons". Right now, I want macaroons. With Chocolate. The pills demand chocolate.

[I might have ordered a shed load of floss -- which is why I kept looking at bobbins and going "whu?" as now I'm home at the hive I can't find my stash of cardboard organisation. This might make me update the thread database or throw my arms up in surrender]

Dosk and I are still trying to figure out why Sims 1 still doesn't want to install on the creature from the black lagoon (Buzzy's rescue 'puter, like a rescue dog only less furry) and make me happy. I like buildering houses. Managing sims less so. If I were in the market to hypothetically buy me a new shiny virgin Sims 2 is there somewhere other than play or amazon to hypothetically buy it?

Oh and I gave mummyfrog what was hypothetically her birthday present before I less hypothetically bought her actual present. It's a glass pendant thing and she likes it.

Can somebody come up with something to suck the HATE out of the brane? please? *ouch* *double ouch*

p.s. I might have 651 words of hcl on my computer, hopefully it will work into something eventually. Like all good hcl, it is disturbed to the point of winfinity.
Tags: brane, computer, crewel and unusual, hcl, shiny, writing blather

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