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The brane has been seething with hate today, so I cancelled human computers for the inept and am typing other words than the ones I want. Also my typing it pants.

COOL NEWS: Ianto is growing flowers.

[Ianto my pet succulent, not Ianto who fights aliens and indulges Jack's office sex fetish]

- Because Ianto is a Triple G person -

(also, dosk figured out why sims 1 refused to install)

WHO News: really cool when it finally developed enough impetus and I loved the whole "Run! I am scary!" sequence

Also, LJ doesn't list misribble as a mood. Strange that.

Also, there is the whole my eyes are burning/imploding effect along with the ship at sea effect, the what was I doing thing and general and outrageous ouch. And I'm a little qqueasy (hopefully because of marks ad sparks hot chocolate spoong pudding - alternative = worse brane hate) and still must be making some sense or I wouldn't be such a witty and erudite prson right now. Mayby
Tags: brane, computer, i can kill you with my mind, new who

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