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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

...the one thing you don't put into a trap...

...the one thing you don't put into a trap...

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who: punky rose
New Who: OMG! That was scary. Very scary.

Somebody must have a "hello sweetie" icon in gallifrayan hieroglyphs.

Oh, and angry time lords are a great and terrible thing.

And how many cliffhangers can you get in one episode! Agh! "Oh! How the hell do you get out of that? Why isn't it cutting to black?"

When the thinky engaged it seems rather like Silence in the Library as far as the 1, 2, 3 redshirts but I think the awesome outweighs that. Also, SitL was the best Who I saw in a long time. More like that Mr Moffat.

This post is free of specific content, largely because the_dosk is stranded at Doskland Uni and missing this one for the same reason he has never seen Silence in the Library. Since I spent the last three weeks talking about how awesome SitL was, sorry. Even if I only went with the unspecified bits.
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