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Ever Decreasing Circles | Really Super Superman

Te brane has been getting at me lately, and perhaps it is this that keeps me apart from speaking to all of you. I find it hard to blame anything but myself, so I always put this down to apathy and disinclination rather than not sleeping, frying brain cells and the feeling that my mind is falling apart.

Written down, some of this sounds so stupid. But there are time when I believe myself to blame for the headaches etc and that if I just pulled my socks up and actually developed some moral fibre and stopped being lacadasical everything would disappear. These things (and worse) just run rings inside my head and something just gives up and wibbles in the corner.

Uh, that was not the entry I meant to make:

* I have found that my enjoyment of Superman comics is inversely proportional to the date of publication. By the 1990s output, I really struggle to actively enjoy the product. Something is missing from the Man From Tomorrow and I think that is Smarts. Superman is supersmart. It's part of his Kryptonian dna. And even at its hookiest, the Superman of the gold and silver ages solves problems with - oft wildly bizarre - sciense and problem solving. Here comes the exception; I love All Star Superman with all my <3 - Lex Luthor is not something you can solve with muscles and collar length hair - and he does it with the application of (surprisingly adept and logical) theory of relativity.

So when it comes down to it, leave me with the Supertattooing and the Supercattarct replacement (that one really does deserve the hooky but smart label - one blind man who built his own robot in a cabin in the back of beyond saves a certain stranger from certain death who promptly crushes some of the fire coal and then uses them to focus Superlazervision to burn out the nasties and restructure the hero's eyes - and kindly note who is really the hero in this narrative and it's not the man of steel) and Steve Lomax and Clark's frankly bizarre position as a news anchor man who misses almost every bulletin, a city in a bottle and the most annoying best friend in the world.

And hopefully, it's not just me who is cheered up. ♥
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