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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

The down point with outside weddings - my parting got sunburnt and…

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hcl: billy bent mirror
The down point with outside weddings - my parting got sunburnt and hurts like ouch.

(i.e. today my head hurts on the outside, which might just disttract me from the pain on the inside)

Jaming a hat over it, today, is pretty uncomfortable too, but at least stops me getting double-dipped.

The wedding was a little odd and strangely unpolished from some people who claim to do zillions. Besides that, you'd think they would own two sets of seats, but they spent an hour dragging them from the "nave" into the Jolly Big Tent. So everybody was standing in the sun with no idea what to do with themselves. Food was plain peculiar. Soft drinks were pricey - and not so soft drinks were horrible or "passable" as rated by Uncle Em as in (quoth buzzy) "it tastes like somebody else has passed it".

At bar, Uncle Em asked about the beer as I recieved the smallest half pint of coke in the world. Quoth girl "we do Guiness, Foster's or Stella" Quoth Em "You don't perhaps have any Real Ales?"

There is nothing like some dress-sense-challenged family members to make me exceedingly confident about my satorial choices.
  • owww. I've burnt my hair part before too. Nothing like some aloe or cooled down black tea to rub into the part to heal it. I now use a hat or put sunscreen on my part. :(
    • I hadn't realised until my mum started making noises and poking it, then it started to get on my nerves. Anything to stop me itching this is appreciated muchly, ta!
  • What you need is the same hat as beaker:
    • Very funny. (Really) Just what I need.

      It makes me think of the picture above the telly which has you all turtle-necked.
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