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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

how did that happen?

how did that happen?

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hugh 4
Quoth bbd - perhaps we could go to Tesco and pick you up a cheap spare set of glasses...

Which is why I now have a very-marginally new perscription and a fancy £65 frame, in purple/pink with zebra effect on the inside arms and with free photo-chromic lenses on order.

Which won't be in until Wednesday, probably.

And that is probably the same time the missing arm for my current pair will turn up at A N Other optician, thus precluding "spare" and "how soon superglue, stud adhesive and sticky tape will fail?" and "eye test and complete glasses for £10"

[but they look really cool and plastic and plain different]

[and it is not as if the current pair are shy and retiring]

[and then I can pick and mix my glasses and confuse people]

ETA: these ones! clicky!
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