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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

I still seem to be on the karma roundabout here. Everything seems to…

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fraser: I want to break free
I still seem to be on the karma roundabout here. Everything seems to swing between good things, bad things (but no genuine dates - obligatory "1066 and all that" reference).

And so, Monday was the day of the brain doctor. When we pulled out the drive, we realised that the engine cooling water was leaking, much to our alarm, but we needed to get to brain hospital, so we went. Then they had tailbacks at the Blackwall tunnel... Suffice to say, the timing got very close, so once we were in range I had to jump out of the car and hare it to the hospital. Two minutes to spare! Then there was the two hour wait to actually get in the appointment.

[the quick brane update: going off pizotifen (it's an antihistamine and possibly the most bizarre manifestation of pharmacology I've ever encountered), downing the dosulepin a little (to minimise interactions) and then taking up some SRIs until my mood improves enough not to undermine a further interesting brain drug try-out. The best bit is that the brane might go back to hospital and spend a week getting hooked up to the drips of nastiness, which at least seemed to work last time.]

But, I also got my little paws on banana fritters and the new Planetary collection. This is made of win! I thought everything had balanced out on the karma front.

[Planetary rocks. Not quite as eye-candy as it could have been but smart, full of connections and much Drummer love!]

Yesterday, went into "work" which was mostly okay except the bit where I could read my boss's handwriting but my ability to type and spell went to hell. That said, suburban mini castles are the way to impress the local peasantry. Then I went to get my glasses arm. 27 QUID! Okay, my frames are nice and Italian, but that was faintly... I still haven't managed to get past "how much?!" on the commentary front. It cleared out my purse, which resulted in a whirlwind of money hunting before the framer delivered Dosk's cross-stitch. (Framed only two years after the original birthday it was presented for! *headdesk*) It is very nicely done.
  • You're on an antihistamine for your brain??? That implies you are putting out histamine which implies you are exposed to or eating something you are allergic to. :( I hope the docs figure it out soon so you don't have to keep being a guinea pig. *hugs*
    • I wasn't really sure about the thinking behind that to start with. A lot of this stuff is "pin the tail on the migraine" prescribing. I'm not sure that makes sense - but the weird is weird. I leave allergies to my little brother.
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