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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Cross Stitch Post: Alphabet Bunny Sampler

Cross Stitch Post: Alphabet Bunny Sampler

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hugh house
During my spectacular eyeglasses trauma, I swore I would do something nice and fiddly once I was looking well. Fate was given a helping hand by bbd (the big bad daddy) accomplished with superglue, sellotape and stud adhesive. So, I gave up the waiting game and stitched this over one onto mysterious 25ct evenweave. For non-stitchers, this comes out at 3½ inches of tiny sampler.

Main alphabet in a mystery green silk from my thread-box, border and hearts in "yawning mountain" silk by hdf. Bunny in "betty bluebell" hand-dye cotton by Cresent Colors. It's my first thing in silk (except for the bunny) and it seems a lot softer but I don't seem to get that orgasmic thrill that I heard so much from the converted.

Pattern is "free-bee alphabet with hare" [sic] by La-D-Da.

The stitching experience was pretty fun and filled me with glee. By far the best cross-stitch alphabet I have ever encountered (and I have a thing for samplers) and it would be my number one choice if I ever needed to stitch something for somebody special. It's all very thought out and not slavishly symmetrical, which gives it heaps of character.

Cut text provided by Joe Dick, presenter of craft hour on the CBC Canadian Content Channel:

3 inches of lovely

I told you it was nice

I have a metric shed-load of semi-recent stitchery that hasn't been scanned for general consumption, so there might just be more of these posts forthcoming. I could also do with fishing out the camera for the completion of the traumatic biscornu - which I love beyond reason.
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