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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

warm and fluffies, how to get them | win of the day

warm and fluffies, how to get them | win of the day

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hugh grin
akamine_chan reminding me of the existance of the Pervert Mountie Twins*.

After 3½ years in the freezer, I am now trying to imagine the PMT and Hugh Dillon.


♥ </a> to Akimine.

And now I am thinking about Poet!Turnbull** and his sparkly pink cowboy hat for pulling and his tattoos and jeans and...

Also, I wrote! Two lines of "Armando is a nice gay Italian boy" but they are there and metaphorically accurate and specific. Armando likes the Scissor Sisters, or vice-verca, and it gets me straight into casinos, not!harassment of employees, and underground sex parties

* The Pervert Mountie Twins are Paul and Dean who taught Callum how to ride back in the sunshine days of canada!rpf, but bear no relation to "the real Mssrs Gross, McDermott and Rennie; Mr Gross is a happily married man, Mr McDermott is in a relationship with somebody of the female persuasion, and Mr Rennie, well, he has his cardigans. They can also treat hypothermia, but not conventionally.

**On the Inside, I'm a Poet aka the big singer/songwriter AU, which also manages to encompass concert pianists with semi-magical skills, dyke entertainment lawyers, mob flowers, the bongo underground and the whereabouts of Joey Paducci... and much more, if I can get my writing-fu back in order.

  • This post just made me totally happy. ♥

    • I've been looking at fuzzy Dean McD caps for the last hour and had a horrifying experience when I accidentally set one for my wallpaper. Uh, I think I need a screen break now but hopefully this might get my momentum momenting. /daft

      . Without looking at his watch, Armando knew that the moon would be huge and pendulous over the pyramid at the Luxor. Desert dust clothed it in warm orange blanket half remembered from the time before we were born to sorrow.

      Last sentence is it right now... I was doing a read-thru and it seems a little odd now.

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