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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Another Cross Stitch Post | Easter Fairy

Another Cross Stitch Post | Easter Fairy

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hugh house
The brane is still feeling a little challenged today although it has laid off on the homophones.

So, welcome to Gratuitous Mirabilia Day!

Mirabilia, through the hard work of Nora Corbett, publish some of the most insanely pretty charts for cross-stitch. If you've seen my Snow White (huge with amazing beading), then that's a Mirabilia as is my current work in progress, Shimmering Mermaid, which will look like this (hopefully). Mostly, the designs come as charts only, but there were a selection of "holiday fairies" that came in kit form.

And so, we have the Easter Fairy. Stitched on 32ct linen (over two) in Crescent Colors hand-dyed cotton floss. As with my first "holiday fairy" the colours look substantially brighter and magnanimous than the soft subtle pastels of the model photographs. This was wonderful to stitch.

But. I did not like the included beads - clear silver-lined seed beads didn't do much for me and even less for the stitching. So I switched them out, made some big changes in the beading layout and made things up. Being a bit of a beading nut, I matched up the colours on the wings. Likewise, changed the spots on the dress to match the frilly bows. The blue sprinkles from the magic egg were laid then couched into position to produce some magical curves - that took a couple of goes because I over manage that kind of thing and get absorbed in the pretty shapes I can make rather than what suits the picture.

Then there was the basket... originally the eggs were surrounded by beads, I tried that with some beads of my own, but the result sucked. It knocked the contents into the background and you couldn't really determine that the blue bits are pretty eggs. So I raided the thread box for some interesting neutral dried grass/straw colours, mixed them in the needle filled the void with half-cross stitches in three strands. Then, I used individual colours and long/back stitches to give a pleasing straw texture.

easter fairy

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