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I'm still worn out. This wasn't helped by "work" where we barely broke even and the balance sheet probably is going to negative figures once we deduct utility costs etc. The joy of being a small independent heritage-sector fish in a rather apathetic pond. I can't remember anything so pants -- we cut our "season" to minimise days like this and we're still getting hammered. Read Schott's Almanac 2010 to fight boredom, exhaustion and branehate. For Pratchett fans - especially "Going Postal" - the section about telegraph phrase books is a hoot. Keeping telegrams short and confidential caused some creative cryptography -- including, ROSELITE (resistance is useless), INSIDEATOR (how much is your life insurance worth? --- particularly appropriate to the little old lady and her clacks to Quirm in the opening sequence to GP) and AMPHIMACER (you must send my allowence directly). It seems every possible scenario is accounted for although I doubt telegraphing FLANK - fire is raging here, send an engine - is any practical help.
Tags: archaeology on mars, brane, pratchett, the wonderful world of volunteering

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