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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Photoshopery - Bill Boisy

Photoshopery - Bill Boisy

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hcl: billy bent mirror
This is for "15" or whatever it is calling itself this week.

I thought I could do with a picture of teenage Bill. He's really into some weird shit. And I just realised that I have always had the best picture of CKR - sitting on a car bonnet and doing weird shit. I could do with a quote from the brane-eating-project-mark#n.

He's probably looking a little older. But the eyes. The disconnection. It's all good.

Provided you don't work at a juvenile detention facility in the middle of nowhere.

Now, that, is really bad.

baby billy

William Boisy was a text book case. The only problem was that he was every single case in the book at the same time and you never knew quite what disorder you were treating. Come to it, you didn’t know who you were treating either. The reports were resigned; there is no way to influence somebody who does not accept your existence. The last report in the bulging folder, he saw a serial killer waiting to be born, those eyes open to the world, but not seeing. There was a total disconnect from the consequences of his actions.

Almost certainly not his finest hour, but I have do so much re-organisation re-writing with length hiatuses that I'm not sure where and what the other material is... *headdesk* Seriously, how did I get into this tangle? And will the brane try and use this in its anti-writing arguments?
  • Aw, look at sweet wee!Callum with his missing front tooth (Canadian badge of manhood--lost to hockey!) and his stoned look and his left eye the way it was made, pre-injury...for someone who draws him all the time this is very interesting to contemplate! Not sure I get it as Billy Boisy in the absence of context, but your context perfectly interprets his expression here--makes it eerie, in fact. Lovely prose there.

    • It's a mess; the whole thing is a monumental mess and I'm no longer sure whether I am coming or going.

      (I shall say something more meaningful once I am not asleep at the keyboard)

      But... yes, it doesn't quite square with what I was aiming for.
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