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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

buzzy doesn't have a lot to say right now...

buzzy doesn't have a lot to say right now...

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nightcrawler: sleeping

I might be just a little tired. Two days at "work" with one day "out" in between.

I have to say that the bead shop in Canterbury really rocks and is the reason why I now own a lot more beads than I started with. Including some wonderful little crystal hearts and the urge to make a nice purple biscornu with lots of beads on it. Using a whitework pattern I have tucked in bbd's hard-disk... open source stitchery makes me happy. Mermaid is progressing nicely, with the tail stitching complete and the beading to do once I finish stitching the rest.

I am having a hell of a time here because the brane thinks I should spell "thinish" and other fun homophone phun.

I still do not like filling in horrible forms, especially when people cancel things so I have time to do them.

I also don't like hunting down letters, but now have my bank statements from 2005-nowish beautifully arranged. I just need to sort out the huge pile of student loan company mail/statements/wild_contradictions/detritus. People who have not encountered the joy of getting a student loan in Britain, may not appreciate it fully. Contact phone numbers that have been cancelled, office phones that never pick up, evil automation systems, equally evil web interface stupidity, three different award statements, endless reply envelopes, the failure to remember anything and... the worst call centre in the world is in glasgow. *nodsnods*

"work" was better than last week's poor showing. I'd like to see my boss question what I was doing today, I filled in every inch of the office diary. And added some Byzantine messages for good measure... *grin*
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