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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Currently, we are collectively overheating and I am re-considering…

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hugh house
Currently, we are collectively overheating and I am re-considering coke after 8pm.

The brane is largely behaving itself, beyond nixing my ability at mental maths and change making, and "work" was unusually fecundious and successful. I also read my way through "Grave Sight" by Charlaine Harris - which was really light on the romance and actually good. I bought the next two books at a remainder store before I picked up the first at another branch of the Works. Oddly coincidental, methinks, and still the most interesting thing I have to speak of. Now the brane is beginning to suggest a party in my overheated cranium... I hate it when it does that and gets a shift on after I review the situation. I'd be lying to say that I haven't considered that it could be psychosomatic or even just lazy procrastination writ large. And those are such happy thoughts they have taken the wind out of my sails... and it is so hot I'd really appreciate some cooling air movement.
  • On a thought for 'cooling brane' things, over here, with some work, one can locate migraine pads marketed both by Well Patch and Be Kool. Might they be of assistance? Or does the menthol smell make it worse?
    • At one point I actually used tiger balm like that. I'm not sure why I stopped really.

      Have some cake. I made a giant Victoria sponge today. Baking on the hottest day yet might not be smart, but it is cake!
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