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In which there is cake and a plot bunny telling about Ray Kowalski running to a new town...

Today, I have made cake. A Victoria Sponge, a massive Victoria Sponge with about a pound of butter in it. That makes it sound like a heart attack on a plate (and my healthy-eating-obsessed boss would say) but it is glorious and filled with blackberry jam and butter cream.

My grandmother was a professional cook (not a chef) and she made the best sponge on the planet (also her lemon meringue pie is the stuff of legend) and she was in a rehab unit at hospital and the RL task they used to check independence etc was making a sponge cake. She could do that asleep. /granecdonte

Also the c-key on my keyboard has gone funny. Oh _o_k.

Okay, the writer-skills might have just evaporated in the heat, but I did give some thought to a bunny about Matt Murdock/Ray Kowalski (Matt is probably better known as the blind lawyer who may be Daredevil) and how Murdock and Nelson could do with a new paralegal. Okay, that would involve cutting Karen (who perhaps got the worst whumping of all comic book girlfriends - drugs, prostitution, evil bad guys... it's a long and scary list considering what most girlfriends get) but there it is by the grace of slash.

Enter Ray Kowalski, a man in a hurry and owner of some hooky references. Froggy (Nelson - Matt's best friend and legal partner) has his finger on the pulse...
Ray "And, yeah, Stella. I loved Stella. Never has a guy loved a woman as much as I loved Stella. All I ever wanted to do was be with her.

I'd have never gone to college - my old man's a meat packer and my mum, she was terrified of student loans... that was the type of people they were; never been in hock to anybody and proud of it. Extra jobs, double shifts; they did whatever it takes and here was their B-grade kid applying to law school. Didn't get it. Couldn't get it. That didn't matter to me though; I was a boy who knew he was going places and that place was Stella

She was my gold-coast girl, my angel and my salvation. And if she was going to be a lawyer, I was going to do what it takes to go with her... I thought a bit about being a cop - we were the real pesky kids, we held up a bank robber, newspaper pictures, mayor's gallantry medal... it was just a thing to us - and maybe then I could fight crime with her. I set them up and she knocked them down.

But I couldn't do that - I couldn't do that to Stella. She was free to do whatever she wanted and I was going to be the guy who tied her down... I'd go anywhere for her; hell, Alaska, Casablanca. And what if she turned out really good at divorces or corporate fraud or something else. I was giving Stella everything she could ever want, and I thought that started with me.

I did typing classes. I was the only guy in a sea of pretty girls and got my experience at the police department typing pool. I met this guy, a frakin' lieutenant who said I was just throwin' my calling away. I'd left some comment at the bottom of the report and they bust the fink with it... and here was Lt Harding Walsh telling me that I should have been a cop. I should have been a contender... and I was making shit money to buy Stella things and keep things together while I passed grades at community college and got onto a para-legal course.

And if I couldn't make it as a lawyer, couldn't crack it as a partner, then this was going to be a family thing, our thing and we were going to make a life of it, a future of it, for ever after. Cue the music, cue the hot lawyer outfit, cue the guy who made things happen... and we were still dancing. Always dancing. And my parents understood that at least, we were partners and I was going to shift heaven and hell for us to make it.

It was good. At least, I thought it was good. We took on juniors, I got myself a whole god damn clerk pool and we always submitted the best paperwork - legible, intelligible and on-time. You can't underestimate that, judges loved us for it. And there I was - working through the pain because our staff had gone all irregular; there was a bug working the courtroom circuit - and I picked up the wrong god-damn file. Maybe she meant me to find it, or one of the kids xeroxing their way through school and break it to me; but I really hope she just made a mistake, that this hit her as bad as it hit me...

You know the rest - do I have to lay it all out plain for you? Those were walking papers; a divorce summons, when all we did was public defender and fraud trials, and it was there, right on the desk in front of me. By the morning came, you couldn't read a word on it, the ink had run and I ain't ashamed but I cried half my life away, because that was what I gave Stella. My life, my everything, my dreams and my happiness. And it turned out she was negotiating a partnership with this bastard, Orsini.

Stella, my Stella, and here was this guy with his slimy paws all over her writs and injunctions. I didn't like it. How could I feel otherwise... the short of it, I tried to scare the snake off and Stella rolled her eyes and told me either to get arrested or get out of town. The sweetener was cheap, like inner city drop-out she married, and here I am in the Big Apple with a reference that my wife... ex-wife - whatever, you'd think there was a word worthy of the Stella - and a suitcase, trying not to crack my nut and trying anything to get myself back in the typing pool. While I wander around with the resume from hell.

I might have just got the devil to write it. At least then I could get picked from the corrupt bastards you find advertising in skin mags and chasing ambulances.

And that's it, I'm done" Ray gets up and swings his arms out, basking in imaginary applause. "Thanks for the interview, I don't get a lot of them. Maybe I should have been a cop. Maybe I should have been an offender, strike that, contender... and now, I'm gone. I recommend applicant number three, talked to her before I made like Androcles."

And then, Matt had only one word, "Wait!" and for the first time since he was at high school he wondered if Ray Kowalski looked as hot as he sounded.
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