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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Today the brane scored 12/10, which is not impossible, but extremely…

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fraser: I want to break free
Today the brane scored 12/10, which is not impossible, but extremely nauseating and why I wasn't even sentient before 15:00.

The weird section of the buzzy!brain worked out a few problems with ESF/15/16 (or whatever title it demands today) which is why my delicious people are now looking at a hundred and one sites about acoustic couplers and pre-1978 (or at least looking very pre-1978) computers. I even found a site in 1998 which talks about internet on the move using your VW camper van, a laptop, an acoustic coupler and a payphone. If anybody accuses you of "hacking or something" tell them you are from the phone network.

Every Single Failure might eventually see the light of day - it just took me this long to figure out that it needs pictures and other additions to really work. What was John Oxenberger doing in Juvenile Detention with Joseph Mulgrew (arson and debating team) and Bill Boisy (back away slowly) but hacking into the worldwide computer network and "donating" the prime minister's salary to anti-apartheid campaign groups? You know it makes sense.

I just got rather distracted by William Shatner and his deep pecuniary relationship with commodore, which still isn't as weird as seeing the good people of M*A*S*H unpacking Radar's new office kit. All this distraction, however, comes at expense of confidence that I had about 4 hours ago... the whole monster pdf/dtp project is scaring me and my list of cool items is victim to my diminishing "spark".

I need to find some Bill-books. I think I have "Harry Price: Witchfinder" somewhere...
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