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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

I was going to post something about what dosk just said to me with…

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nightcrawler: sleeping
I was going to post something about what dosk just said to me with reference to my singing voice, but I am not that cruel. I might however be unusual. Today is just a big day of fuzz and static and my net accomplishments are 2 inches of split stitch on the mermaid's hair (it has a pleasing plait-like/braided texture and can go around corners much better than backstitch --- ILU split stitch) and slumbering through the pm and thus mostly missing the Mike Holmes marathon on Shed. Once I surfaced, bbd selflessly put Mike on and got some of the diet coke out of the garage. These might be a few of my favourite things but anxiety, doubt and wibbling are not ever my favourite things. And I got a bad dose of that with regard to my mermaid modification plans - the beading didn't quite seem to be working as it did in my head and I got a little twitchy. Also, they've cancelled (probably) mummyfrog's movie for sport. This is unhappy-making. Even more so, last night's rent-a-movie "Salomon Kane" which is abysmal, ahistorical and features bipolar asskicking (either he wants to die because he is so bad and evil or he kicks Orkalike ass but only for a very special little girl -- if anyone else is facing rape, murder and/or slavery; forget it. Allegedly set in England along with the Pilgrim Fathers and a space-time window which ranges from the 5th to the 16th century. Fortunately, I did not have to suffer this stupidity and instead did beading with exceptionally tiny beads (petite seed - omg!) and so didn't just sit there like dosk and bbd in rapture to the sheer fucking awful "maybe it gets better" badness. Dosk demanded our money back and I had to explain about birds, computers and my free rental from the library (I volunteer and sometimes even get folk to teach computer skills or give 14yo's massive girlcrushes).
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