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Why can't I find any pictures of Hugh Dillon in his mascara phase on my hard drive?

I have to have some, because how else would I have made the pretty icon?

Waiting for the Creature of the Black Lagoon to slowwwwwwwwwwly make contact with the router, I dug around the file for ESF/15/16 (uh, the juvenile delinquent bastard of Hard Core Logo and an unhealthy need for complicated reality shifts with a touch of hubristic multimedia fanfiction artifice) and could not find any Glamour!Hugh. This is sad. What could Joe Dick think more uncool than glitter!punk?

Brane is being lame right now and hurteth muchly.

Also, limited interlect makes me think that Amazon is selling SHINY at super!good price when really it's not, just some dealer with a five pound delivery charge, which negates the whole concept of cheap shiny objects that might be the deluxe edition of Sims 2. I occasionally covert it, but only really use Sims 1 (with everything, courtesy of EQ, mistress of sim upgrades and other generosities) as a house-building engine.

The only other thing the brane has come up with, besides OUCH1 THAT HURTS! and why I can't type a decent c on this keyboard is the idea of drunk!drilling - using power tools when intoxicated. Something keeps throwing up (appropriately, chainsaw massacre fans or Hugh drying out in a logging camp fans...) the line "All you know about renovations you learnt on Mike Holmes." I'm not really sure whether this is Callum getting bitchy or Hugh kicking off on one of his weird monologues... hell, I said the brane is not funktional - it can't figure out what bright shiny object it is talking about... hell, it might be a computer game ;-)

Bright shiny thought - today I bought some 65mm aperture picture frames for embroidery purposes.
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