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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

this might be the bit where I think too much

this might be the bit where I think too much

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plot carrot
How come nobody seems to have placed Blackadder (of cunning plans) in the same cunning plan as the Master (Antonly Ainley version, please)?

Contrary to my interests (see my profile, it spells it out: Roger Delgardo is the Master) it really has to be Tony Ainley and not just because of his amazing delivery and powers of ocassionally camp evil but because Roger Delgardo would just shoot Blackadder and carry on with his effective and realistic plan for taking the world over with plastic daffodils.

('Tis canon!)

Actually, Roger Delgardo shooting Blackadder is (if possible) more amusing than any incredibly complex and yet flawed plan to put Tony!Master and Blackadder at the heart of the British Empire and use this industrial powerhouse to put steam!punk soldiers on the moon and kick the Cybermen all the way back to Mondas.

Actually, that sounds like a good plan. Plagiarising cyber!technology and producing home-brew coal-gas-powered space ships sounds pretty good. Also, industrial safety isn't a huge issue, so here comes radium-flavour nuclear technology and mass use of weird victorian electrical novelty items.
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